About Us

Krishi Kranti Kendra-ahmedabad initiated in 2004 at valsad and expanded to ahmedabad in 2013. today India’s most reputed and Farmer preferred company when it comes to production and supply of Revolutionery E-water-conditioner”JAL KRANTi”,Hybrid SeedS,PestiCides,Water Soluable Fertilizer,Nursery Plant. We also specialize in apple ber plant,Pomegranate(Bhagwa),Dragon fruit ,1kg peru ,Mango All types of Vegetables pluged plants,Agro Forestry plants, innovative and exotic fruit crops plants.

Company’s vision is to up-lift the rural community of Gujarat State and whole Nation providing high quality farming inputs to the farmers. Today Krishi Kranti Kendra-ahmedabad happens to be the major institutional supplier of the above products in various states in India. The company is confident about its quality products and excellent Customer Services for high level of growth by transfer of technology benefitinkkjk the rural India.

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Our Network
Krishi Kranti Kendra-ahmedabad has already set up an extensive Agro distribution channel in Gujarat.Rajasthan,Maharashtra states in India. The long-term vision is to participate in complete value chain of Agro Products.